Activities around Mykonos

Take a moment to explore our curated selection of the highlights and special services that will grant you a privileged insight into the authentic soul of Mykonos. Follow in the footsteps of ancient culture with certified guides or learn about the land and simple pleasures from farmers who know the terrain of this island like the back of their hand. Set your internal clock to vacation mode with spa treatments and fitness programmes, indulge in a private wine tasting with our sommelier or a cooking class at the chef’s table. Gain a unique perspective by helicopter, relax into the pure luxury of a private yacht charter, explore Mykonos underwater or overland, meet our artists and artisans. This is the stuff of special memories and authentic emotions.

Delos & Rhenia Discovery

Owner’s Tip: whatever else you do on Mykonos, don’t miss visiting the neighbouring island a mere 30 minutes by boat that will transport you to a different universe.

As a native of Mykonos, Delos is a place I have never tired of returning to time and again. The mythological birthplace of the twin gods Apollo and Artemis is today a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Evidence of habitation dates back to the 3rd millennium BC on this little island which was a very important religious centre from the 9th Century BC and for almost one thousand years. From 478 BC, it hosted the treasury of the Delian League before it was removed to the Acropolis in Athens and Delos turned into a thriving port of world trade from the 4th Century BC onwards. A museum among the ruins of the ancient city contains the most important artefacts unearthed during ongoing excavations.

Leaving the Ambassador at noon, you will swim and snorkel around Rhenia and enjoy a grilled on-board barbeque lunch before heading to Delos around 5:30pm, a time of day at which few visitors choose to visit the island. Walk through the ancient city in the company of a certified private guide as the sun sets over its marble ruins. And on your return to Platys Gialos (or Mykonos Town if you choose) around 8pm with champagne in hand, just when you thought it couldn’t get more magical, Chora will light up its glittering night mantle.