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Cabbanes Restaurant

The culinary thrills that await in the elegant and enchantingly romantic ambience of Cabbanes require either both appetite and unbounded hedonism. Be prepared for à la carte fine dining at its best. With a Cordon Bleu Boulangerie Diploma and experience alongside Michelin-starred chefs, our head chef Thodoris Kyriakidis has mastered the creative fusion that relies on the excellence of fresh local and specialised imported ingredients. Those who entrust themselves to his assured and deft hand can expect a culinary adventure of subtlety and simplicity that bring together the best of local produce in sophisticated dishes. An extensive wine list of rare Greek vintages, fine wines and champagne complements the dining experience, while our hospitable and attentive service staff tend to your every need with the seemingly effortless yet perfectly trained ease of a synchronised ballet.